Teacher Leadership Concentration

This program supports teachers as they assume formal and informal teacher leadership roles within their schools and districts. This is a newly emerging career path for educators and is being supported by local, state and national changes in policy and, in some places, job titles and licenses. These new teacher roles can include being a teacher mentor, data coach, department chair, master teacher, sustainability coordinator and community partnership leader. We will be using the newly developed model standards from the Teacher Leadership Exploratory Consortium (2010), to help guide this program.

Concentration Goals

  • Understanding adults as learners in order to support professional learning communities.
  • Accessing and using research to improve practice and student achievement.
  • Promoting professional learning for continuous improvement.
  • Facilitating improvements in instruction and student learning.
  • Using assessments and data for school and district improvement.
  • Improving outreach and collaborations with families and communities.
  • Advocating for student learning and the profession.

Program Delivery

  • Start in January or May
  • Five-semester, 33-credit degree program
  • One or two weeks of face-to-face core and electives courses on campus at AUNE for two summers
  • Five online classes with a focus on teacher leadership
  • Three semesters of practicum work at your school or workplace
  • All classes are 3 credits

Complete your degree in 5 semesters!

Most students take 6 credits in the fall in spring semesters. This includes one required on-line class and a choice of practicum. During the summer, students will take one on-line required course in your concentration and one or two week-long face-to-face courses on campus at Antioch New England in Keene, NH. The summer residency is typically the middle two weeks of July. It is possible to spread out your program to take fewer courses in a given semester. Please inquire during the admissions process to learn more about this option.

On-line courses:
Using feedback and data to improve authentic student learning
School Change: Theory and Practice
Connecting Schools, Families and Communities
Facilitative Teacher Leadership
The Cycle of Inquiry: ways to improve teacher practice and student learning

Practicum Courses
Child Study
Equity and Change

Summer Classes at Antioch New England in Keene NH
Developing Mind
Philosophy of Education and Change
Critical Friends Group Training for School Leaders