T.R.O.L.L. Challenge

Geometry Challenge: TROLL

The following is a challenge given to the students of a geometry class at Littleton High School and a sample of the lessons that resulted from the challenge.

Littleton High School has the opportunity to develop an outdoor learning lab within walking distance of the school campus. Teachers have indicated that they would be likely to use this space if they were provided with ready-to-use lesson plans connected to the state standards. You have had the chance to tour the site and I detected some enthusiasm for the possibility of classes outside. Therefore, I am challenging you to develop an interdisciplinary unit of no less than five lesson plans for the TROLL to be used by teachers here at LHS. Each lesson plan will be interdisciplinary in that it will connect geometry to one other discipline/course taught in this district, and no two plans may target the same two disciplines/courses.

  • All lesson plans should be published in the same format and should be of professional quality(they will be used by professionals).
  • Each lesson plan should be designed for a single block (or otherwise negotiated).
  • The lesson plan should contain objectives linked to the New Hampshire State Framework and include an assessment to evaluate whether those objectives have been met.
  • The assessment may be in the form of some product that is evaluated via a rubric that utilizes framework vernacular.
  • The lesson should include the participation of a community member with his/her expressed permission.

Many teachers are enthusiastic about the possibilities as well, yet few are familiar with the site. Therefore, please include at least one map of the area and directions of how to get there.


Troll student lesson plans