Student Life at Antioch University New England

There are many interesting ways that students at AUNE find to interact with each other, both within academic departments and across the campus: from governance to activism, from community outreach to making music. Despite being a non-residential graduate campus, student life is involved and varied.

The tight-knit academic groupings that form as a result of AUNE’s cohort educational model propagate naturally out into both organizational outreach and social happenings outside of academics. Academic specialization or personal might make someone gravitate toward the Center for Tropical Ecology or Student Government. Or the need to share creativity or blow off steam might draw someone else to play some songs at a Coffee House. The Monadnock Earth Festival, which started as a project of the Student Alliance, is now a weeklong series of events co-produced by AUNE students and Keene State College. Students manage the Green Bikes program allowing bikes to be checked out from the reception desk. Summer 2009 has seen the inception of a small community garden on the AUNE campus, with produce slated to be shared with the community and donated to the Keene Community Kitchen.

Which student initiatives might next come about are limited only by the imagination and drive of the people interested in starting something new.

Student Resources

Below are links to resources for current students. If you can’t find what you are looking for, try the more comprehensive AUNE resource list or use the search box in the upper-right corner.

myCareer Planner for Students  We are excited to offer myCareer Planner, a unique and powerful tool for Antioch University students. This innovative, online career-planning site is accessible to students through the Antioch University’s secure, sign-on AU Direct.

Social Media Sites/Video/Blogs  See a list of social media and blog sites supported by various departments on several social media platforms including: Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr.

Study Skills Resources  Links to various articles and resources on studying, writing, and teaching skills.

Area Volunteer Opportunities Volunteering opportunities at local organizations in New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts.

ReUse Center  Come visit the ReUse Center where you can find items that need a new home.

Student Groups

Below are links to groups for current students. If you can’t find what you are looking for, try the more comprehensive AUNE resource list or use the search box in the upper-right corner.

Student Government  Providing students a voice in matters pertaining to student welfare, student activities, and student participation in AUNE planning….an elected representative body that seeks to preserve a student-centered environment through education and advocacy by challenging ourselves, the student body, and the university.

Student Alliance  The Student Alliance aims to increase student participation in decision making processes, community service, and social events to build a strong and diverse learning community within the Department of Environmental Studies, Antioch University New England and beyond.

Center for Tropical Ecology and Conservation (CTEC) promotes the sustainable and just use of tropical ecosystems by training conservation leaders, conducting conservation research with partner organizations, and serving as an educational resource for the New England Community.

Net Impact  The Antioch University New England chapter of a global organization for graduate business students, who want to use business to create a positive change in the world. Net Impact provides networking opportunities for students and business leaders that share a vision of progressive business.

The Support Group for Ethnic and Racial Diversity (SERD)  A Department of Clinical Psychology group to to promote multiculturalism in communities.