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Carbon Counts: Creating Community Gardens
Adapting to Climate Change through Local Food Initiatives – presented by members of the Keene Community Garden Connections Team

Climate Justice & R.E.D.D.: Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation – RMC Candidate, Gabriella Cebada Mora, presented on this important climate change mitigation mechanism and the implications for climate justice. Slides from the presentation

Psychology and Global Climate Change – AUNE alumnus Thomas Doherty shared his experiences serving on the APA Task Force on Global Climate Change. Slides from Dr. Doherty’s presentation.

How the Monadnock Region’s Local Living Economy Initiative is Building Climate Resilience – AUNE alumnae Jen Risley of Hannah Grimes and Bonnie Hudspeth of the Monadnock Community Food Co-op

Antioch Commuter Transportation Initiative: Tackling our Transportation Challenge – AUNE Management alum and Office of Communications staffer Sherman Morrison and AUNE Transportation Coordinator and ES master’s student Jessica Sanford.

Beyond Denial: The Emotional Terrain of Climate Change – A film by Jessica Zane, MS, Environmental Studies, which addresses the emotional impacts of climate change.

Quantifying a Relationship between Place-Based Education and Environmental Quality: Implications for Behavior Change at Antioch New England -David Sobel, Director, Teacher Certification Programs, AUNE Department of Education & Michael Duffin, Principal, Program Evaluation and Educational Research Associates

Vermicomposting – Redwigglers Count Carbon-One Food Scrap at a Time – Jess Skinner, MS Environmental Studies Candidate, AUNE Solid Waste Coordinator

Bottled Water- The health, environmental, and social impacts of single-use disposable bottles and various refillable containers. – AUNE Environmental Studies doctoral candidate Tamara Adkins

Gearing Up to Commute by Bicycle – ANEI Project Director and ES Dept. Alum, Michele Chalice Throop, and Student Alliance representatives and ES Master’s candidates, Elli Caldwell and Mike Goudzwaard

Solid Waste, Sustainability & Social Justice – Keene Public Works Director, Duncan Watson, AUNE Environmental Studies faculty, Jim Gruber, and AUNE MS candidate, Jessica Skinner

Sustainability & Social Justice at AUNE – Asst. to the President for Sustainability/Social Justice, Abigail Abrash Walton

Plastics as the Solution to Global Warming: Fact or Fantasy? – AUNE Environmental Studies doctoral candidate Tamara Adkins View Tamara’s Presentation (pdf)

Water from The Hills: Climate Change and Hope  AUNE Resource Management and Conservation Program Director, Michael Simpson

Biodiesel rising…but where is it going?  Keene State College Faculty member and AUNE Ph.D. Candidate, Nora Traviss

How Many Psychologists Does it Take to Change a Lot of Incandescent Light Bulbs  AUNE Clinical Psychology faculty, George Tremblay and Jim Fauth

Food and Climate Change: How Buying Local Can Make a Difference – Presented by ES master’s candidate/ Sustainability & Social Justice Outreach and Research Coordinator Katie Stoner