Littleton Schools

Littleton, New Hampshire
Lakeway Elementary School, Daisy Bronson Middle School, and Littleton High School Working with the Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC)

Students from LittletonLittleton, New Hampshire became a CO-SEED site in January 2001.

Prior to becoming a CO-SEED site, Littleton contracted with Concordia Incorporated – a community-planning firm – which facilitated Littleton’s community-visioning process, called Envisioning Littleton’s Future (ELF). Out of that process, came a community interest for involving students in the study of the local community. A relationship with CO-SEED was born. By building upon work that began prior to CO-SEED, Littleton has made progress in forming strong partnerships between its schools, town government, and community. The AMC is the partner environmental-learning center with the Littleton Schools. The AMC representative is active in the school and the community. Much of AMC’s support for the Littleton Schools comes through helping teachers plan and implement place-based projects within their curricula.

The Littleton SEED Team includes school employees, town employees, community members, and students. Several SEED Team Members point out that students on the SEED Team are valued as equal members and that the students have terrific ideas for how work needs to be implemented.

In The News. . .

Town becomes school classroom – Littleton Courier, 1/3/02

Littleton teacher turns woods into classroom for his students – Union Leader-Manchester, 6/7/02

Sample Success Stories

* Physics students worked together to build a staircase to decrease erosion and allow for access to community-owned land.

* Students at Littleton High School started a school-based, learning facility – The Town Reservoir Outdoor Learning Laboratory (TROLL)

* The Littleton Community and Downtown were used to help students learn about and understand the Solar System.

* Students were involved in the design and development of a town river walk and museum.

* Elementary students used local conservation lands for a variety of curricular studies.