Great Brook Middle School

Antrim, Bennington, Francestown and Hancock, New Hampshire
Working with the Harris Center for Conservation Education

Great Brook Middle School StudentsStudents across the country learn history and science from a textbook. For students at Great Brook School, the community is the textbook. Of all of the current CO-SEED sites, the work of teachers, community members and students in Antrim embodies the most mature integration of community-based work.

CO-SEED was first piloted and established in Antrim where there is significant administrative support of project-based, environmental and experiential education and a firm belief that the community should be an integral part of learning experiences. This philosophy permeates the school. Teachers at this site have experience with project-based work and while some projects have historically contained a community component, CO-SEED has been the impetus for integrating community resources into the work and for causing educators to intentionally solicit community needs in order to determine the specific focus for the work.

Great Brook School’s partnership with the Harris Center for Conservation Education was a key factor in the success of this program at the school.

In The News…

Great Brook Students Win State Award – Peterborough Transcript, 6/7/01

Students find ‘passion’ in Hancock – Keene Sentinel, 9/23/02

Sample Success Stories

* A local railroad depot is utilized to create a place-based learning center for middle school students.

* School creates a wetlands learning laboratory in its back yard.

* Technology students build a wood fired bread oven and start a school based business.

* Fifth graders study local history by making a guide book to historical houses in the community.

* Many different grades utilize local conservation lands for curricular study