Gilford Public Schools

Gilford, New Hampshire
Working with the Audubon Society of New Hampshire’s
Prescott Farm Center

Students Create Junior Naturalist ClubGilford Public Schools became a CO-SEED site in January 2001. Their participation in the program was facilitated by their desire to work with the New Hampshire Audubon society. CO-SEED began its work with the K-8 grades this academic school year. Gilford is a relatively large elementary school of 550 students housed in a building near the upper school, which houses both the middle and high school programs.

Much of CO-SEED’s work to date has incorporated a nature trail system near the school. Gilford partnered with the New Hampshire Audubon Society’s Prescott Farm.

The ELC representative in Gilford focused his work on teachers facilitating brainstorming sessions and professional development. While focusing on teachers the representative was also able to provide valuable classroom and resource support.

In The News. . .

CO-SEED provides grants for many school programs –The Laconia Daily Sun

Sample Success Stories

* Classes have worked together at Gilford to reclaim a local nature trail for use in their curricular studies.

* Understanding the role of people over time in their home community has become an important curricular focus for the sixth grade as they study the History and Heritage of Gilford.

* Sixth grade students are collecting and maintaining data about the wildlife found around their school.

* Third grade students have researched and taught the community about the lives of local Native Americans.

* A Junior Naturalist Club was started by students with one of the main activities being taking elementary students out on local field trips.