Bradford Elementary

Bradford, Vermont
Incorporating Local Lands Into Curriculum

Exploring Place-based EducaitonBradford Elementary School (BES) is a K-6 school with 240 students in Bradford, VT. The school owns the Low-St. John Forest, a 73-acre piece of land that includes stands of hardwood and hemlock as well as a pond and fields.
In the winter of 2002-2003, BES became a CO-SEED site and partnered with Hulbert Outdoor Center (HOC). Their program is partially funded by the Wellborn Ecology Fund of the Upper Valley Community Foundation. Although BES is no longer directly partnered with Hulbert, the school continues to work closely with their CLC representative, who is directly contracted by the school for that purpose. The representative works with the Bradford Conservation Commission to incorporate public lands into BES students’ learning.

Planting Bradford

Sample Success Stories

* 5th graders began their study of food webs by inventorying the plants and animals found in the forest, stream, and pond. They provided this information to the forest committee for use in their public programs.

* Third and fifth graders take field trips to the forest to study Northern woodlands Indians, habitats, and adaptations.

* Kindergarteners planted seeds at the library and post office as part of their study of how plants grow.

Special Non-Fiction Literature / Place-based Learning Projects