Beebe Health and Science Magnet School

Malden, Massachusetts
Working with Zoo New England’s Stone Zoo

Beebe Environmental and Health Science Magnet School is a K-8 school in Malden Massachusetts, an urban area outside Boston. Before starting its first year of operation for the 1999-2000 school year, Beebe was designated the environmental and health science magnet school.

To help integrate the magnet school’s theme into daily practice, Beebe hired a magnet theme teacher and a theme team comprised of faculty and community members. Beebe School began their work with CO-SEED in their second year of operation. Beebe school was partnered with Zoo New England’s Stone Zoo before CO-SEED began work at the site. Through this project the partnership between the two organizations has strengthened. The ELC representative is working with classes to make zoo trips more educational as well as assisting with classes, clubs and the student leadership group at the school.

By working both in and out of the classroom the ELC representative from Stone Zoo is helping to facilitate strong educational and collaborative efforts to make the CO-SEED project a success.

Sample Success Stories

* Second grade students designed and planted a butterfly garden to be used in their study of butterflies.

* Third grade students have adopted a local pond and have used it for curriculum based reading and writing activities.

* As a way to get parents and students involved in the study of math and science Zoo New England’s Stone Zoo hosted a Family Math and Science Day.

* Fourth grade students have used the local zoo to study ecosystems as well as to plan a project to improve local habitat.

* Eighth grade students and a Student Leadership Group have worked together to make recycling a success at the school.