Who is involved in CO-SEED?

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CO-SEED took a dream and a vision and gave us the understanding and tools and steps to bring it to life. Wendy Oellers, Gilford Elementary School Teacher

The schools that have been chosen to be part of the CO-SEED program have made a commitment to making the community and the environment an integral part of their school. These schools, and the Community Learning Centers they work with, have explored their schools and schoolyards, they’ve connected with the history of their communities and are becoming involved in the present day life of their community.

Check below to see the unique influence CO-SEED has had on each school.

Current Partners

Dearborn Middle School
Haley School
Young Achievers
Vinalhaven School
The Warren Community School

Past Partners

Beebe Health and Science Magnet School
Bradford Elementary
Gilford Public Schools
Gorham Public Schools
Great Brook Middle School
Littleton Schools
Rivendell Interstate School District