Donna’s Daily Menu

In addition to the daily menu, Donna’s also offers assorted baked goods, beverages, fruit, chips, and breakfast sandwiches. *-Vegetarian item.

Hours: 8 am-2 pm

Menu for Dec 20, 2014

Category Item Price
Entrees*Donna's beans and rice bowl with cooked collard greens, cheese, chips, salsa, sour cream, etc. -- $4.50 (sm)$6.50 (lg)
SoupsDonna's turkey veggie and rice soup$3.50
Soups*D's cream of cauliflower soup (limited)$3.50
Soups*D's Indian red lentil soup with curried yogurt dressing (limited)$3.50
SandwichesHam and Provolone with lettuce, mayo, mustard and Italian dressing (limited)$6.00
SandwichesTuna salad sandwiches (limited)$6.00
Sandwiches*Egg salad sandwiches (limited)$6.00