Inventory Results and Information:
Here you will find snapshots of the first few municipal inventories along with the PowerPoints and information from the Jordan Institute and EPA from the last Cool Monadnock meeting.

How to Spread the Message:

Global Warming 101 PowerPoint (5.5MB) Global Warming 101 PDF (2MB)
You can use this power point presentation to tailor your message to the group you are speaking with.

How to Get Started or Begin Projects in Your Community:

Cool Monadnock Challenges and Solutions
Here is a list of ideas in order to guide you in reaching out to your community.

What Residents Can Do:

NH Carbon Challenge Calculator
NH Carbon Challenge has designed this tool to help you estimate the amount of carbon dioxide that your household emits into the atmosphere every year. Don’t be surprised if your result is higher than you anticipated…our vehicles, electronics, and heating systems produce a lot of carbon! Take the Challenge!

Resources from Public Service of New Hampshire (PSNH)

Energy & the Environment PSNH’s Energy Resource Page

Buy Energy Efficient Products
PSNH is pleased to make this nhSaves catalog, featuring ENERGY STAR