Transcripts are available through the National Student Clearinghouse,

Select Antioch University New England and you will be guided through the step-by-step process.


You will need the following information when you are ready to request transcripts:

  • Name at time of enrollment
  • Social Security Number, or the last four digits
  • Current address and phone number
  • Dates of attendance, or your year of graduation
  • The name and address of the person to whom you would like the transcript sent

Licensing agencies, state school certification boards, and other universities almost always require official transcripts.

Forms, Course Descriptions, Syllabi

The NSC website allows for the upload of forms and other documents required for licensure and certification, as well as the ability to add notes and make additional requests such as including credit history (grades), course descriptions or syllabi.

Although requests are processed and shipped through our University records office in Yellow Springs, OH, we work closely with them when special requests are made.

Please allow a minimum of seven working days plus shipping time for transcript processing.

Once you have registered and your admission file is complete, your academic records are permanently kept on file in the Registrar’s Office.

As an Antioch University New England student you have full and complete access to your own records and may review them by contacting the Registrar. Under no circumstances, however, may you remove or alter any of the contents. Antioch faculty, administrators, and members of official accrediting agencies also have access to all academic records so that they may effectively fulfill their responsibilities to students and the institution. You may obtain copies of anything in your file except transcripts from other universities. Copies of transcripts from other schools must be obtained directly from those schools.

Student records are released only in accordance with the regulations of the Family Education Right Privacy Act of 1974, as amended. Your written permission is required to release any part of your record, with the exception of directory information and requests from accrediting agencies, federal loan guaranty agencies, and others specified in the law.

In the extremely unlikely event that Antioch University New England should close, pursuant to New Hampshire state law your academic records would be transferred for permanent storage to the New Hampshire Postsecondary Education Commission at 3 Barrell Court, Suite 300, Concord, NH 03301-8543.

Please help us get your enrollment, graduation and other important information to you in a timely manner by notifying us of address changes.

Current students and recent alumni can change their address on myAntioch using the “Update Contact Information” link.

Alumni who do not have access to myAntioch should use the alumni update process:

​Please note that ​ Antioch University New England ​does not automatically ​maintain alumni address information.

Alumni who request transcripts ( must provide the most up-to-date address information to the National Student Clearinghouse when making the transcript request.


Student Self-Service Enrollment Verification through the NSC

Antioch University New England  now subscribes to a FREE Enrollment Verification Student Self-Service.

Student Self-Service℠ is an online service that enables students to obtain their enrollment and student loan information, including enrollment verification certificates, at no charge. Students at participating Student Self-Service schools can enjoy the convenience of performing important tasks on demand 24/7 without having to visit or call the registrar or financial aid office.

For access to this service, please follow this link:

Scroll down and enter your student ID. See example below.

Third Party Enrollment/Degree Verification

Antioch University New England has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) to act as its agent for verification of degrees and/or enrollment.   Students, please refer third parties to this service for loan deferments or degree verifications. This is a round the clock, web-enabled service following this link:

The NSC may also be contacted at:

Phone: (703) 742-4200
FAX: (703) 742-4239

Antioch University New England considers 3 credits in a semester as half time and 6 credits as full time. Some zero credit enrollments afford half or full time status because of their time commitment. Please check with your department to confirm.

If you are a new student or early in your first semester, your enrollment status may not yet be registered with NSC.  In this case, you may need to submit the enrollment verification request to the campus registrar’s office.