PYS 775: Public Policy, Advocacy, & Hlth Srvc


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David Hamolsky






Spring 2008

Meeting Schedule:

Mondays 1/14 - 1/28 (1:00PM-3:29PM)
Mondays 2/4 - 2/18 (1:00PM-3:29PM)
Mon 2/25 (1:00PM-3:29PM)
Mondays 3/24 - 3/31 (1:00PM-3:29PM)
Mondays 4/21 - 4/28 (1:00PM-3:29PM)
Mon 5/5 (1:00PM-3:29PM)


Competency Area: Social Bases of Behavior
Required of and Restricted to Year III students.

This course presents theory, practice, and research applicable to understanding public policy and health service delivery systems, and to recognizing the manner in which these two areas are interrelated. This includes an advanced discussion of the professional psychologist as a change agent in the larger social, political, and economic contexts, and the professional psychologist’s roles within private and public sectors. An experiential approach will be utilized in order to create a context for these conversations and to achieve students146 learning objectives. Subjects included in the service delivery section are psychologists as managers, team learning, the effects of managed care on systems of service delivery, program outputs, client outcomes, empirically validated procedures, and budgets. In the Public Policy section of this course, students will form learning teams to construct a public policy agenda and then conduct research in order to inform and support the defined agenda. Teams will also formulate a public policy action plan. Issues included in this course are psychology in the public interest, the role of the social scientist, specific public policy issues affecting psychology, parity laws, and rural health.