PYD 600: Ethics & Prof Developmt MFT Practice


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Sharon Fitzgerald






Summer 2011

Meeting Schedule:

Mondays 6/6 - 6/27 (9:00AM-2:45PM)
Mondays 7/11 - 7/25 (9:00AM-2:45PM)
Tue 7/26 (9:00AM-2:45PM)


Competency Area: Professional Identity & Ethics
Required of and restricted to MFT I students.

This course will focus on the professional development of the marriage and family therapist, with a specific focus on ethics in MFT practice and on initial skills needed to begin clinical practice. Ethics topics will include the AAMFT code of Ethics, systems of ethical decision-making in clinical practice beyond codes of ethics, and legal responsibilities such as duty to warn, mandatory reporting of child abuse and neglect, and the requirements of federal laws such as HIPAA. The stages of therapy (initial contact, joining, problem definition, treatment formulation, the setting of goals and treatment plan and basic techniques available to the systems therapist) will be covered. Students will be encouraged to create their own style, will learn to attend to both content and process levels of communication during therapy sessions, and will begin to be able to observe themselves and the effects of their interventions on the systems with which they work. Meets Mondays, June 6 – June 27; July 11 – July 25, and Tuesday, July 26.