PY 822: Sleep Dimension in Psychotherapy


81279 (for web registration)




Gila Lindsley






Spring 2012

Meeting Schedule:

Sat 4/28 (9:00AM-4:59PM)
Sun 4/29 (9:00AM-4:59PM)


Competency Area: Intervention
Restricted to Year II, Year III and Year IV students.
Restricted to Year IV students from December 8 -15; open to Year III and Year II students on December 16.

This one credit workshop will focus on the sleep dimension in the context of clinical practice. The topic will be introduced with numerous psychotherapy cases in which sleep disturbance played an important role. Participants will be strongly encouraged to bring their own case material, maintaining the clients’ anonymity, to class. The topic of sleep will then be developed first by introducing the physiology of sleep, then by identifying the kinds of psychiatrically relevant symptoms that arise when a client has slept poorly 150 and indicating how awareness of these kinds of symptoms can inform diagnosis and treatment. The next section of the course will present the distinction between disordered sleep and formal sleep disorders, providing the relevant nosology and extensive background into the signs and symptoms associated with each. Finally, procedures that can be used when working with a specific client, including sleep-related diagnosis and treatment, will be introduced. An important component will be learning how to integrate this aspect of the client’s presenting complaints into the larger clinical picture.