PY 816F: AdvSem-Psyc Evals Clinics/Schools/Court

2009-12-01 -

Instructor’s Name Corrected.


66202 (for web registration)




Molly Fechter-Leggett






Spring 2010

Meeting Schedule:

Mondays 1/25 - 5/10 (4:30PM-6:59PM)


Competency Area: Assessment
Restricted to Year III & Year IV students who have completed Methods of Psychological Assessment I and II (PY 815 & PY 816) and have at least one year of psychological assessment experience. Basic familiarity with the Wechsler scales and the Rorschach test (Comprehensive System) is MANDATORY.
Restricted to Year IV students from December 10 – 16; open to Year III students on December 17. Up to two Continuing Education Students may be accommodated, by written permission of the Director of Student Affairs, if space is available.

This course explores the meaning of clinical inference as it relates to the assessment enterprise. Psychological assessment is the development of diagnostic meaning from a person’s history, clinical interviews, observations, records, and psychological tests. The ability to obtain, shape, integrate, and ultimately export meaningful information about an individual is the basis of psychological assessment. Test instruments used to model the idea of test-buttressed opinions combined with other data include the Wechsler scales, Rorschach test (Comprehensive System), and MMPI-2. Other tests are discussed in the context of specific assessment activities. This class explores the assessment enterprise with clinics and for mental health professionals, in schools for learning and emotional difficulties, and for courts around forensic evaluations. With each of these tests and assessment contexts, students learn to better analyze and integrate complex information, applying this data skillfully to various systems.