PY 689: ProSem Mental Health Counseling III

2009-12-16 -

Maximum Increased.


66481 (for web registration)




Diane Kurinsky






Spring 2010

Meeting Schedule:

Tuesdays 1/19 - 5/4 (12:45PM-3:15PM)


Restricted to continuing CMHC III and CMHC-SAAC III students. Prerequisite: Completion of PY 688 Professional Seminar in Mental Health Counseling II.
Take with PY 696, Internship.

This final semester of the professional seminar is the capstone course in the student’s development as a mental health counselor. Students will be supported in their transition to the mental health profession through in-depth explorations of professional identity, the relationship between theory and practice, and a continued focus on ethical practices. There will be a review of preparations for state licensure and an emphasis on the creation of professional networks, including the value of professional organizational membership and participation. A final competency presentation will demonstrate the integration of the professional self with a chosen theoretical orientation and its influence on the change process. The seminar leader will provide weekly group supervision for one and a half hours. This will supplement, but not replace, on-site supervision by clinical staff. Concurrently with the Professional Seminar, students must complete an internship totaling at lease 600 hours over the course of the Fall 2009 and Spring 2010 semesters at an approved site.