PY 687: Professional Seminar in Counseling II


52411 (for web registration)




Kimberley Burden






Spring 2008

Meeting Schedule:

Tuesdays 1/15 - 3/4 (12:45PM-3:15PM)
Tuesdays 3/18 - 4/29 (12:45PM-3:15PM)


Sections A & B: Restricted to DMT II students.
Take with PY 695A Internship (Sections A&B)
Sections D – L: Restricted to CMHC/SAAC II students. Take with PY 695D (Sections D-L)
Please Note: Students will continue with the same instructor from Fall 2007 semester.

1. This is a continuation of Professional Seminar in Counseling Psychology I for DMT II students. This course provides an overview of the current contexts of mental health practice. Selected topics will include: role of the mental health counselor in contemporary practice settings, multicultural issues, standards of ethical practice, and theories and practices of consultation. Students will have an opportunity to integrate their current internship experiences with their theoretical learning and to develop skills in peer supervision and consultation. Students will be supported in their transition to mental health professionals through in-depth exploration of self-in-role. 2.The Professional Seminar for CMHC/SAAC will focus on the ethical standards and legal issues related to clinical practice. Students will become familiar with the American Counseling Association and American Mental Health Counseling Association Codes of Ethical Standards and the various statutory requirements that impact on the work with clients. The student will be able to recognize the ethical principles and legal issues related to the counselor role and to utilize this knowledge in their work with clients and colleagues.