OMS 503: Board/Staff Relation

2009-01-08 -

Class Cancelled.


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Elizabeth Peyton






Spring 2009

Meeting Schedule:

Sat 2/28 - 3/1 (8:30AM-5:29PM)


Competency Area: Systems & Strategic Thinking
Restricted to O&M MS and MEd students through January 9; open to all Masters students beginning January 12.

Volunteer governing boards are a critical source of influence in community and nonprofit organizations, and good leadership from both board and staff is essential to their success. The best executives and their boards can provide vision, synergy, and leadership – yet the board-staff relationship is often inefficient or counterproductive due to inexperience, blurred roles, frequent turnover, inconsistent volunteer energy, crisis management mentality, and poor leadership development. This course will introduce the Carver governance model, Chait’s teamwork model, and the organizational life cycle model as frameworks for understanding and improving the work of nonprofit and community boards, and the relationship between board and staff. Participants will apply systems thinking, situational leadership, and partnership models to the board-staff relationship, and take home a variety of hands-on practical board and board-staff development techniques to address situations in their own community. While geared more for staff and volunteers working with nonprofit governing or working boards, this course is also appropriate for those working with advisory boards, school boards and town commissions, as well as those in the for-profit sector who may volunteer in their community. Students are required to do pre-course readings and a post-course learning paper, and may also continue discussions of board-staff issues or case examples on-line.