OMN 502: Earth Systems in Organizations

2010-11-24 -

Information about Learning Journey added. Meeting dates/times corrected.


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David Chase
Taryn Fisher






Spring 2011

Meeting Schedule:

Wed 3/16 (2:00PM-8:59PM)
Thu 3/17 (2:00PM-8:59PM)
Fri 3/18 (2:00PM-8:59PM)
Wed 3/23 (2:00PM-8:59PM)
Thu 3/24 (2:00PM-8:59PM)
Wed 3/30 (2:00PM-8:59PM)
Thu 3/31 (2:00PM-8:59PM)
Wed 4/6 (2:00PM-8:59PM)
Thu 4/7 (2:00PM-8:59PM)


Competency Area: Natural Systems
Prerequisite: Introduction to Sustainability Required of first year O&M Fall 2010 entering Accelerated MBA students; others by written permission of Program Director provided to Registrar’s Office via Antioch email.

This course employs a systems approach to understanding the intersections of business and earth systems, also known as the evolutionary corporation. The Earth systems of atmosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere, lithosphere, and pedosphere are analyzed through field trips to local organizations, readings, and discussions. Students work closely with one organization to research and problem solve an organization’s earth system challenge. There will be additional off site field trips during this course. Students will do additional readings and discussions in Sakai and online. Students should check the course site on Sakai for online assignments that will begin prior to the first class meeting.

The Spring Learning Journey, March 16-18, 2011, will be in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. The goal of the spring learning journey is to introduce students to a variety of organizations that are addressing challenges directly related to earth systems, such as air, water, and soil, as well as issues such as climate change that encompass multiple systems. Additionally, students will work more closely with two of the organizations visited in a consulting capacity integrated with the Earth Systems in Organizations course. Trip fee: $110.00. Limited to 7 students.