OMN 508: Introduction to Sustainability

2010-07-12 -

Information about Fall learning journey added.


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Richard Grogan






Fall 2010

Meeting Schedule:

Tue 9/7 (2:00PM-8:59PM)
Tue 9/21 - 9/22 (2:00PM-8:59PM)
Tue 9/28 - 9/30 (2:00PM-8:59PM)


Competency Area: Natural Systems
Required of and restricted to first year weekend MBA students who entered Summer 2010; others by written permission of Program Director provided to Registrar’s Office via Antioch email.

This survey course focuses on developing an understanding of sustainability through the lenses of organizational and environmental sustainability. In this course, students will explore complex ecological systems to develop a foundational understanding of environmental sustainability. In addition, students will explore the theory and ethical applications of organizational sustainability. Students will ultimately merge the theories of environmental and organizational sustainability to begin analyzing their own leadership development opportunities. Students will do additional readings and discussions in Sakai and online. Students should check the course site on Sakai for online assignments that will begin prior to the first class meeting. The Fall Learning Journey, November 3-4, will be in Vermont. The goal of the fall learning journey is to introduce students to a variety of organizations that have taken on various scales of sustainability initiatives and integrated sustainability practices throughout their vision and operations. We will tour a variety of businesses while on our journey and focus on: energy consumption, operations, and cross department sustainability integration. Trip fee includes: hotel and transportation. There will be two students per room, those wanting a private room will need to contact Cheryl Lower and arrange for additional payment. Students will provide their own food. There is a natural foods market and grocery store a block from hotel along with many restaurants in downtown Burlington. Trip fee: $110; limited to 20 students.