OMM 505: Managing IT Resources

2008-01-07 -

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William Griffith
Thomas Smith






Spring 2008

Meeting Schedule:

Sat 4/26 (8:30AM-5:29PM)


Competency Area: Management & Decision Making
Required of and restricted to 1st year O&M MS and MEd students until January 14; other students may request written permission from Administrative Director after January 15. This authorization is to be provided to the Registrar146s Office via FirstClass.
Prerequisite: Basic computer and Internet skills

The Information Revolution demands that contemporary managers embrace and exploit technologies that will forever alter their roles and the very structure of organizations. Managers must learn to wed both technological and human skills to succeed in the organization of the future. This course will address the issues of managing IT resources toward the support of overall organizational strategy, emphasizing that information-based business transformation projects are actually major organizational change events. A prominent focus will be outlining the critical capabilities necessary to implement strategy in this volatile period of organizational change. In this way, they can better support the sustainability of organizations in their local, regional, and global contexts. Students will participate in group and individual online assignments, do case study analysis, make oral and written presentations, attend to virtual group dynamics, and use the Internet as an information resource. Students should check the course conference on FirstClass, for on-line reading assignments that begin prior to the first class meeting.