OMG 533: Grp Dynamics Ldrshp II

2009-07-10 -

Credits changed.


63519 (for web registration)




Donna Mellen






Fall 2009

Meeting Schedule:

Sat 9/12 (8:30AM-5:29PM)
Sat 10/3 (8:30AM-5:29PM)


Competency Area: Collaboration & Group Dynamics
Prerequisite: OMG 535 Group Dynamics & Leadership I, or written permission of instructor provided to the Registrar’s Office via Antioch email.
Restricted to second year O&M MS and MEd students through July 31; open to all Masters students on August 1.

This course is for students who have completed Group Dynamics and Leadership I and want an opportunity for focused skill development in group leadership and membership. Building on the framework presented in Group Dynamics I, students gain advanced experience in diagnosing group needs and matching leadership style to stage of group development. We focus on skills involved in providing appropriate levels of direction and support. These include: establishing team purpose, norms, goals, and roles; structuring and facilitating meetings; managing the task process; facilitating collaborative decision-making; acknowledging and addressing the emotions, personal styles, and needs of group members; managing conflict; and giving and receiving feedback. We give special attention to project teams and introduce a framework for project management. Students do additional reading and discussion in Sakai, both prior to and following the class meeting.