OMFE 503: Introduction to Economics

2011-06-16 -

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Jennifer Elder





Summer 2011

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Competency Area: Finance & Economics
Fulfills requirement for meeting proficiency in microeconomics.
Required of and restricted to Summer and Fall 2011 entering weekend and accelerated MBA students (except those taking OMFE 513, Introduction to Economics Test).

This self paced, self instructed online course will prepare students for Ecological Economics by learning the foundations of neoclassical economics. In the course students will be introduced to the language of economics and survey: supply and demand, elasticity, production costs, monetary policy, fiscal policy, and other topics relevant to building a foundational understanding of economics. The course is offered on Sakai. It is designed in a series of modules. At the end of each module is a quiz that students must pass prior to proceeding to the next module. At the end of the course is a final exam. Students must get of 80% or better to pass the course. Multiple resources and links will be available online so students will be able to navigate the course independently. Section A: The online course and test is available throughout the summer 2011 semester, ongoing from May 14 through August 26, 2011. The final day to register for Section A is August 13, 2011. Students must complete this course and pass the test with 80% or better by August 26, 2011.