OMD 643: Assertive Management


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Edward Tomey






Spring 2008

Meeting Schedule:

Sat 3/1 - 3/2 (8:30AM-5:29PM)


Competency Area: Leadership & Self Development
Priority to 2nd year O&M MS and MEd students from December 4 – 21.
Priority to 1st year O&M MS and MEd students from January 2 – 14.
Priority to MBA students from January 15 – 22.
What should I do when someone doesn’t follow through on what they promised? What do I say to a team member whose negativity is dragging everyone down? How do I handle a boss who tells me that every task is ‘top priority?’ How can I encourage someone who seems afraid to speak up? How do I truly take charge of a situation when that’s not my strong point? How can I let someone know when I think they are in the wrong without being a locomotive? These are only a few of the kinds of leadership/managerial situations participants bring to this course, and there is likely a successful approach to each one of them. Any solution begins with us. We need to learn how to take charge of ourselves – and our jobs – and then stay in charge when there’s resistance. Often, however, we set traps for ourselves through a variety of ineffective interactions with employees, peers, and bosses. This course examines leadership practice from three behavioral perspectives – passive, aggressive, and assertive – and offers models and coaching to assist participants in responding more effectively to difficult situations involving others in the workplace. Pre-course readings and in-class case presentations are required. Students may do additional readings and discussions, field or research projects, or case study analysis on-line.