OMC 678: Change Models & Applications


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Robert Rue






Fall 2009

Meeting Schedule:

Sun 9/13 (8:30AM-5:29PM)
Saturdays 10/3 - 10/4 (8:30AM-5:29PM)
Sun 10/25 (8:30AM-5:29PM)
Sun 11/22 (8:30AM-5:29PM)
Sun 12/13 (8:30AM-5:29PM)


Competency Area: Purposeful Systemic Change
Required of and restricted to second year O&M weekend MBA, MS and MEd students.

For organizations to thrive in today?s complex and dynamic environment, organization leaders and managers increasingly need knowledge on how to engage organizational members in systemic change directed toward the fulfillment of clear and meaningful objectives that are understood and supported by a critical mass of people within the organization. Models for leading and facilitating planned short and long term change efforts at the group and organization level will be introduced, as well as ways of responding to unplanned change. The application of change theory and models will be addressed through a variety of means, including role play, simulation, case studies, class discussion, and through the use of on-line technology. Change strategies and methods will be evaluated for application and fit with the intended change outcomes, organization needs, and organization culture. Emphasis will be made on the emotional/social aspects of change and the use of effective collaborative processes in change, because most change efforts fall short with the human aspects of change and failure to include people in the process of change. Pre-course readings, assignments, and detailed syllabus will