ESSE 520: Wetland Delineation

2009-08-25 -

Class Cancelled.


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Michael Simpson






Fall 2009

Meeting Schedule:

Thu 9/3 (1:00PM-3:59PM)
Sat 9/5 (9:00AM-5:29PM)
Thursdays 9/17 - 9/24 (1:00PM-3:59PM)
Sat 10/3 (9:00AM-5:29PM)


Competency Areas: RMC – Science elective; CB, Cert, EAO, EE, IND – Elective
Pre-requisites: Wetlands Ecology, NRI, Soils Mapping & Interpretation, or Wetlands Flora Restricted to ES students who entered SP09 and earlier.

Whether you are planning to be a regional/local wetlands administrator, serve on your local conservation commission or more formally perform or evaluate work in or adjacent to wetlands, this course will provide you with the field skills and experience from which to build your reputation in the wetlands arena. The course will utilize the 1987 US Army Corp of Engineers wetlands delineation methodology. This is the currently preferred methodology for those seeking to become a ‘certified’ wetlands scientist. The course will also review methodologies for wetlands assessment including the NH Method for Evaluating Non-Tidal Wetlands and the Army Corps’s Highway Methodology. Students will work in teams to field test such methodologies at the scale of a micro-watershed. Pre-requisites for this course are: wetlands ecology and watershed science or hydrology. In addition, students need to have successfully completed one of the following courses: vegetation/soils module of the natural resource