ESS 574: Watershed Science

2008-01-08 -

Meeting dates changed. No class on February 21 or April 17.Saturday, April 26 from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.

2/4/08 – Meeting dates changed again. Weekend date changed to Sunday, April 27, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.


52191 (for web registration)




Michael Simpson






Spring 2008

Meeting Schedule:

Thursdays 1/24 - 3/6 (1:00PM-3:59PM)
Thursdays 3/27 - 5/8 (1:00PM-3:59PM)
Sat 4/26 - 1/1 (-)


Competency Area: Biosphere Science II
Restricted to FL07 ES students from December 4 – 14; open to all ES students after December 14.

The focus of this course is on water quantity and quality at the watershed scale. An introduction to the hydrologic cycle will focus on the interaction of the landscape with hydrologic processes. The basic skills and concepts introduced in the first part of the course will be developed and expanded through applications for predicting and assessing the impact of human activity on hydrologic systems. Students will expand their skills in map measurement, quantitative assessment and modeling, and field measurement in the context of common planning applications. The course will center on the study of natural stream systems, and will include an introduction to groundwater occurrence and movement. It aims to provide a foundation for coursework in water quality, wetland hydrology, freshwater ecology and land use planning; for field and science based practicum work with watershed and land conservation organizations; and for curriculum development in science/math teaching.