ESP 601: Ecological Economics & Public Policy

2009-09-04 -

Maximum Increased. 7/7/09 – Waiting list option unavailable until August 14 or later.


9030 (for web registration)




Michael Simpson






Fall 2009

Meeting Schedule:

Thursdays 9/3 - 12/10 (8:00AM-10:59AM)


Competency Areas: Civic Ecology
Restricted to all ES students who entered SP09 & FA09 and CB students who entered FA08 from July 15 – August 13. Open to all ES students August 14.

The premise of this course is that human actions are embedded within the natural environment. The political and economic systems that have been developed to meet the needs of a society are framed by the limitations of that environment. This course will allow students to explore how these societal institutions function to deal with questions as freedom of choice, scarcity, ownership, equity, sustainability and change. The course will investigate the development of environmental policies as informed by science, economics, public opinion and legal precedent. Students will be introduced to the policy tools utilized to translate policy into implementation and how effective such approaches have been in meeting overall environmental policy objectives. The primary focus will be within the United States, but innovative approaches that have been developed and utilized in other countries will also be presented to the students.