ESP 551A: Environmental Law

2008-11-05 -

Saturday Moot Course session added on 11/8/08.


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Rebecca Todd






Fall 2008

Meeting Schedule:

Thursdays 9/4 - 12/18 (9:00AM-11:29AM)
Sat 11/8 (9:00AM-3:59PM)


Competency Area: Civic Ecology
Section A: Restricted to Summer 08 and Fall 08 entering ES students through August 15; open to all ES students on August 16.
Section B: Restricted to Conservation Biology students who entered Fall 07 and earlier through July 31; open to all ES students who entered Fall 07 or earlier on August 1.

This course will survey some critical federal environmental statutes in the United States and highlight important case law decided under those statutes. While an in-depth treatment of environmental law is not possible in a course of this length, we will examine the historical context of the major environmental statutes and regulations as well as their impact on land, air, water, and natural resources. We will explore how law and regulations are passed, and how the judicial, legislative, and executive branches of government and the regulatory agencies function. The course objectives include becoming familiar with a new vocabulary and learning how to read a legal opinion. We will begin to understand what a lawyer does and how to think like a lawyer. This