ESP 524: Patterns of Environmental Activism

2009-09-04 -

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Steven Chase






Fall 2009

Meeting Schedule:

Thursdays 9/3 - 12/10 (8:00AM-10:59AM)


Competency Area: Civic Ecology
Restricted to all ES students who entered SP09 & FA09 and CB students who entered FA08 from July 15 – August 13; open to all ES students August 14.

Environmentalism is a very broad and diverse social movement, with many different streams and tributaries – some mainstream, some radical, some progressive, and some reactionary. In this course, we will not only explore the diversity of the last four decades of environmental thought and activism in the United States, but also the thoughts and actions of earlier advocates of preserving wildlands, protecting public health, and promoting more sustainable approaches to living on the earth. The goals of the course are to 1) explore the diversity of response thoughtful people have had to the negative environmental consequences of our urban, industrial capitalist society; 2) develop a more critical understanding of the forces arrayed against moving our societies in the direction of greater justice, democracy, environmental protection, public health, and long term sustainability; and 3) identify what each of us can contribute to the future of a renewed environmental movement as professionals, consumers, and citizens.