ESF 554: Ecology & Mgt Adirondack Mountains


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Peter Palmiotto






Fall 2010

Meeting Schedule:

Fri 9/17 (6:00PM-8:59PM)
Sat 10/2 - 10/6 (TBA)


Competency Area Spring 2010 and earlier: Natural Communities
Restricted to ES students who entered SP10 and earlier.
Please Note: Attendance at the pre-trip meeting is mandatory. Enrolled students who fail to drop the course 1 week before the first pre-trip meeting or who fail to attend the pre-trip meeting will be held financially responsible for the cost of the trip and will forfeit their seat in the class. *Students on the waitlist are strongly encouraged to attend the first class.

This course focuses on the natural and human factors that have shaped the forested ecosystems of the Adirondack Mountains. Situated within the Adirondack State Park in northern New York State the mountains have been molded by ancient geologic and climatic forces. Understanding how these forces influence the plant communities and how humans have impacted the communities will provide students with a unique perspective on the ecology and conservation challenges of this wild region. Students will be exposed to numerous approaches that address the conservation issues from environmental education and resource management to advocacy. Course fee: $270.00 for food and accommodations.

Note: This trip involves strenuous backpacking on mountain trails and tent camping. Students should be in good physical shape and have proper backpacking and camping equipment.