ESF 540: Ecosystems Mt Desert Island


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Thomas Wessels






Spring 2008

Meeting Schedule:

Wed 3/5 (6:00PM-8:59PM)
Wed 5/14 - 5/20 (TBA)


Competency Areas: Natural Communities II
Restricted to ES students.

Please Note: Attendance at ALL pre-trip meetings is mandatory. Enrolled students who fail to drop the course at least 1 week before the first pre-trip meeting or who fail to attend the first pre-trip meeting will be held financially responsible for the cost of the trip and will forfeit their seat in the class. Students on the waitlist MUST attend the first pre-trip if they wish to be admitted into the course. (Note: Should a seat become available, only those students on the waitlist who have attended the first pre-trip meeting will be considered for admittance). Students should be in good physical shape to be able to do a 10-mile a day hike.

Mount Desert Island arguably offers the most scenic landscape in New England with its dramatic exposed, glaciated mountains rising out of the Gulf of Maine. This field study trip will focus on the island146s terrestrial ecology including its geological history, fire ecosystems, outcrop succession of its granitic balds, and the impact of visitors on its fragile, coastal heath communities. Cost: approximately $160 for food, camping, and transportation fees.