ESF 535: Tropical Ecol/Consrv Sci-Costa Rica

2012-01-12 -

Trip fee updated. Restrictions Lifted, Open to all.


81500 (for web registration)




Beth Kaplin






Spring 2012

Meeting Schedule:

Wed 2/8 (6:00PM-8:59PM)
Wed 2/22 (6:00PM-8:59PM)
Wed 3/7 (6:00PM-8:59PM)
Sun 3/11 - 3/24 (TBA)


Competency Areas: Students who entered Fall 2010 and later: ASJS, CB, EE, SD & SDCC – Methods or elective.
Prerequisites: Ecological Dynamics of Landscapes or Comparative Ecological Analysis.

Please Note: Attendance at ALL pre-trip meetings is mandatory. Enrolled students who fail to drop the course by the drop deadline or who fail to attend the first pre-trip meeting will be held financially responsible for the cost of the trip and will forfeit their seat in the class. Students on the waitlist MUST attend the first pre-trip if they wish to be admitted into the course. (Note: Should a seat become available, only those students on the waitlist who have attended the first pre-trip meeting will be considered for admittance). (Limited scholarship assistance may be available depending upon enrollment).

This course offers an in depth study of the biodiversity and conservation challenges of the New World tropics. The course will be co-taught by a social and a natural scientist. We will compare and contrast the ecological dynamics of three distinct ecosystems – cloud forest in the Cordillera de Tilaran near Monteverde, rainforest on the Atlantic slope near San Gerardo, and dry tropical forest along the coast, including the flora and fauna and conservation biology issues. In each area we’ll also explore the socio-economic dynamics, including human impacts on the landscape, eco-tourism projects, restoration approaches, and hear from local farmers, scientists, conservationists, educators, and community members concerning conservation initiatives aimed at sustaining these important ecosystems. Students will have an opportunity to develop independent research projects during the trip. All participants must have valid Passports from their country of citizenship. If your passport will expire within 6 months of the trip, or if you don’t have a passport, you should begin the renewal or application process soon. Time required for issuance of passports has generally increased due to security considerations (see for more information). Cost: approx. $2064