ESF 514: New England Flora


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Christopher Kane






Spring 2011

Meeting Schedule:

Thursdays 1/20 - 5/5 (1:00PM-3:59PM)


Competency Areas Spring 2010 and earlier: Natural Communities
Competency Areas Fall 2010: Methods or elective
Restricted to ES students; others by written permission of Director of MS programs sent to Registrar’s office via Antioch email.

The flora of New England is one of the best studied and well known in the world. Over 4000 species of plants can be found in this region. Because of the unique topographic, edaphic and successional diversity of central New England, the greatest collection of species in the northeast can be found within a 50 mile radius of the shared borders of VT, NH, and MA. This course focuses on the identification and taxonomy of woody and herbaceous vascular plants of central New England through the examination of the plants? anatomical and physiological characteristics. The course will begin with the study of evergreen woody plants, followed by deciduous woody plants (both winter and summer characteristics), and ending with spring wildflowers. Lectures and local field excursions will be used to convey information. Students will utilize plant characteristics (e.g., twig, bud, bark, leaf, and flower characteristics) in conjunction with taxonomic keys to assist with identification of the flora.