ESE 544: Curriculum Design


52105 (for web registration)




James Karlan






Spring 2008

Meeting Schedule:

Fridays 1/18 - 3/7 (8:00AM-10:59AM)
Fridays 3/28 - 5/9 (8:00AM-10:59AM)


Competency Areas: Cert – Required; EE – Required Alternate; EAO, CB, IND & RMC – Elective
Required of and restricted to ES Teacher Certification students December 4 – 14; open to all ES after December 14.

Designing curriculum is an extremely creative process, filled with controversies and dilemmas. It is a political, philosophical, and theoretical process. In this class, we will analyze, critique, and redesign both the explicit and hidden curriculum of a variety of materials as we attempt to resolve our conflicting conceptions of curriculum and develop our own philosophy of curriculum design. This is primarily a theory-based course with some opportunities for direct application. Consider this course as a way to help you move further along with your own questions and concerns about curriculum design and as an opportunity to twist, stretch, and flip your current understanding of what it means to design curriculum. In particular, we will experience first-hand and theoretically ideas like constructivism, democratic classrooms, coherent curriculum, authentic learning, problem solving and inquiry. This list of educational jargon will be more meaningful in a few months.