ESE 521: ProbSolv/Inq Basd Sci Teach


71274 (for web registration)




James Karlan






Fall 2010

Meeting Schedule:

Fridays 9/3 - 12/10 (8:00AM-10:59AM)


Competency Areas Spring 2010 and earlier: Cert – Required; EE – Methods Required alternate; CB, EAO, IND & RMC – Elective
Competency Areas Fall 2010: Cert – Required; ASJS, CB, EE, SD, SDCC – Methods or elective Restricted to ES Certification students July 13 – August 13 others by written permission; Open to all ES students August 14.

“If I told you the answer, those of you still thinking about the problem would probably stop…” In the spirit of Catherine Fosnot’s remark, we will explore teaching science in middle and high schools from a problem-solving and inquiry-based mindset. We will solve problems about problems and inquire into the nature of inquiry. We will experience problem solving and inquiry from the perspectives of learners and teachers. Therefore, whether you are trying to figure out how to lift a classmate with one arm, the engineering of a pneumatic pump, or how to sustain multiple generations of life in a sealed container, we will reflect about the teaching of and learning through problem-solving and inquiry based approaches. Many of our classes will meet at the Brattleboro Area Middle School, one of our two lab schools, where you will have opportunities to observe, assist, and teach science lessons using problem solving approaches.