ESE 517: Urban Environmental Education


66404 (for web registration)




Elizabeth McCann






Spring 2010

Meeting Schedule:

Thursdays 1/21 - 5/6 (1:00PM-3:59PM)


Competency Areas: EE – Methods Required Alternate; EAO, CB, Cert, IND & RMA – Elective
Restricted to SP09 and earlier ES Environmental Education from December 8 – 16; open to all ES students on December 17.

Cities are home to the vast majority of citizens around the world and hold great potential for sustainable living. Urban areas offer environmental educators the unique opportunity to reach large masses of people, utilize a vast array of rich human/cultural resources, and study interesting ecological dynamics. We are also witnessing a global crisis, as many youth and adults are living in urban poverty. At the same time, evidence suggests that connecting with the natural world positively impacts emotional, physical, psychological and communal well-being. A healthy built environment and strong social networks also impact quality of life and intersect with issues of justice. This class explores the theory and practice of environmental education efforts in various urban contexts. We will investigate different aspects of urban living and sustainability, such as building design, energy, transportation, waste and food. Identifying and applying skills for effectively engaging learners across the lifespan in different urban learning contexts will be examined. Field trips, guest speakers, case studies and class projects explore the challenges, opportunities and skills necessary to be effective educators in urban settings. TBA optional field study trip.