ESE 515: Human Development & Learning Theory


66305 (for web registration)




Susan Gentile






Spring 2010

Meeting Schedule:

Fridays 1/29 - 5/7 (8:00AM-10:59AM)
Sat 4/10 (9:00AM-11:59AM)


Competency Areas: EE – Required; CB, Cert, EAO, IND, & RMC – Elective
Required of and restricted to SP09, Fall 09 & SP 10 EE students from December 8 – 16; open to all ES students on December 17; others by written permission of instructor provided to Registrar?s Office via Antioch Email..

In this course we will explore a variety of human development and learning theories and use reflection on our own development and learning to reinforce and deepen our understanding of those theories. Some questions we will consider are: What drives human development? Nature or nurture? What is thinking? How does it develop? What is intelligence? Are learning and intelligence related? What does it mean to be a successful learner? We will review current research on brain structure and function, including emerging understanding of the differences between male and female brains. You will have an opportunity to explore a more specific area of human development in greater depth in a book group. This course provides an overview of the potential conceptual abilities of children and adults and a framework for understanding and structuring environmental education curricula to meet the needs of diverse learners in developmentally-appropriate ways.