ESE 513: EnvEd Mthds-Educ Sustnblty


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Susan Gentile






Fall 2009

Meeting Schedule:

Sat 9/12 - 9/13 (8:30AM-4:59PM)
Sat 10/3 (8:30AM-4:59PM)
Sun 10/4 (8:30AM-4:59PM)
Sat 11/7 (8:30AM-4:59PM)


Competency Areas: EE – Required alternate; Cert, EAO, CB, IND & RMC – Elective
Restricted to ES Environmental Education students from July 15 – August 13; open to all ES students on August 14.

Pamela Mang writes that sustainability is lthe ability of the human species to stay around for the long haul. What does this mean? How do you define sustainability? What does it require? How can it be? What is the role of education in that process? What would people know and be able to do if they were educated for a sustainable future? What can we, as educators, do to cultivate the necessary knowledge, skills, and habits of mind in our students so that they may enact sustainable lifestyles? This course provides an introduction to educating for sustainability (EFS). We will explore the concept of sustainability and the meanings of EFS as we identify and clarify how these may be incorporated into our work as environmental educators. With the goal of increasing awareness, knowledge, and understanding of the core content, competencies, and habits of mind which characterize EFS, we will consider its philosophical foundations and historical context and engage in activities focused on integrating core content in our work, including systems thinking, sustainable economics, the role of