ES 751: Theory & Prac Sem I


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Joy Ackerman






Summer 2012

Meeting Schedule:

Sat 6/23 (2:00PM-5:59PM)
Sun 6/24 - 6/26 (8:00AM-11:59AM)
Thu 6/28 (12:00PM-3:59PM)
Wed 6/27 (2:00PM-5:59PM)
Fri 6/29 (2:00PM-5:59PM)


Competency Area: Integrated Projects
Restricted to Ph.D. III students.

The seminar emphasizes the preparatory work necessary for both the Integrated Essay and the Service Project. For the Integrated Essay, students lay the groundwork for the essay. As preparation for the seminar, students will develop a presentation that synthesizes and reflects on the seminal themes of the learning domain, specifically addressing the key theoretical approaches and directions and posing questions for further inquiry. By the end of the session, students will compile an outline of their Integrated Essay. For the Service Project, students propose and develop their goals and objectives, considering the moral and ethical dimensions of their work. In what ways does the project provide a necessary service? Who serves to benefit from the project? Where does the scholar/practitioner fit? By the end of the session, students will complete a brief proposal, outlining the dimensions of the project. In addition, the seminar poses questions regarding the theoretical and practical dimensions of service learning, with selected readings about the philosophy, sociology, and practice of service. *Additional contact hours will be met by specific on-line coursework.