ES 723: Reading Sem IV-Narrative Inquiry/Exprsn

2008-02-04 -

Meeting Dates Arranged:Saturdays, February 2, March 1 & April 26, 1:00 – 5:00 pm


52029 (for web registration)




Robert Taylor






Spring 2008

Meeting Schedule:

Fri 2/1 - 2/3 (TBA)
Fri 2/29 - 3/2 (TBA)
Fri 4/25 - 4/27 (TBA)


Competency Area: PhD – Foundation; EAO, CB, Cert, CB, RMC, IND – Elective
Restricted to Ph.D. students. Open to second year ES Masters students by written permission of instructor provided to the Registrar146s Office via FirstClass by December 4.

This course explores the role of narrative in doctoral level research, by considering its potential as subject for study, methodology of research and means of expression. In recent years, narrative has gained significance as a methodology for engaging in research and presenting the results. Emerging forms of Qualitative Research such as Narrative Research, Heuristics, Autoethnography and Art-Based Research all draw on the power of stories as a fruitful way of accessing certain aspects of experience and meaning.

Members of this Reading Circle will read a common set of Core Texts which lay out the importance, methodologies and limitations of narrative-style research. In addition, each person will investigate particular applications of narrative appropriate to his or her own Learning Domain. Individual readings will include relevant methodological overviews, selected journal articles, and sample dissertations. Presentations to the group by each participant will highlight common themes as well as distinctive qualities of different uses of narrative. Specific times & dates TBD by instructor and group during the following doctoral weekends: February 1, 2 & 3 and February 29, March 1 & 2 and April 25, 26& 27. (Additional contact hours will be met by specific coursework designed to be completed on-line.)