ES 722: Reading Sem III

2010-01-25 -

Section Cancelled. 12/2/2010 – Topic identified and description changed.


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Joy Ackerman
Carol Saunders






Spring 2011

Meeting Schedule:

Sat 2/5 (8:00AM-11:59AM)
Sat 3/5 (8:00AM-11:59AM)
Sat 4/30 (8:00AM-11:59AM)


Topic: Understanding the Human Connection to Nature.

Competency Area: Foundation
Required of and restricted to Ph.D. II students. Open to ES Masters students by written permission of instructor provided to Registrar’s Office via Antioch email.How do individuals understand their relationship with the more-than-human world we call nature? And how do researchers gain insight to that understanding? In this seminar, students will engage in a review of recent literature on the topic of connection to nature. A particular focus of the seminar will be the development of familiarity with the breadth of research approaches to this question, from phenomenological exploration to psychological scales. Students are expected to lead a seminar discussion on a research paper or group of papers, to convene a review of a research approach or method, and to engage in the development and critique of a research proposal. This seminar is designed for doctoral students in environmental studies and or advanced master’s students in environmental studies who have an interest in human and social science research.

(Additional contact hours will be met by specific course work designed to be completed on-line.)