ES 720: Reading Seminar I

2012-09-10 -

Cancelled due to low enrollment


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Joy Ackerman






Fall 2012

Meeting Schedule:

Sat 9/8 (8:00AM-11:59AM)
Sat 11/3 (8:00AM-11:59AM)
Sat 12/8 (8:00AM-11:59AM)


Reading Seminar I: Politics and Poetics of Place
Competency Area: Foundation
Required of and restricted to Ph.D. students. Open to ES Masters students’ by permission of instructor.

This seminar engages students in a course of common topical reading, seminar discussion, and in-depth individual reading and writing in response to key literature on the politics and poetics of place. Students will develop an articulation of key theoretical approaches to place, and a grasp of classic writing on place and space. The common literature for the course will be developed in consultation with the student participants, and will include a balance of foundational works and additional writings related to the students’ needs and interests. At a minimum, the course will encompass a range of epistemological perspectives from phenomenology to critical theory, and engage with the work of scholars of place from disciplines including geography, cartography, anthropology, philosophy and psychology. Student topics may include, but are not limited to: sense of place, bioregionalism, representation, critical cartography, performance, place-based learning, identity, embodiment, sacred space, place-based activism, interpretation. Individual reading lists will be developed in conjunction with the instructor and the student’s advisor, and are intended to build the foundation for the student’s area of research and/or practice. Course participants will contribute to an annotated bibliography, give a presentation on a particular theoretical perspective and how it informs research or practice in their area of interest, lead two seminar discussions on assigned readings, and produce a literature review for their topic. In addition to the monthly meetings, additional contact hours will be met by on-line coursework and virtual seminar meetings.