ES 705: Political Economy & Sustainability


81046 (for web registration)




Tania Schusler






Spring 2012

Meeting Schedule:

Fri 2/3 (1:00PM-8:29PM)
Fri 3/2 (1:00PM-8:29PM)
Fri 3/30 (1:00PM-8:29PM)
Fri 4/27 (1:00PM-8:29PM)


Competency Area: Foundation required of and restricted to Ph.D. I students.

(NOTE: This course will be combined with ESC 601 Political Economy and Sustainability section E taught in the RMC program.)

Political economy seeks to explain how political institutions, the economic system, applied sciences, and social movements interact over time. This course will focus on how these dynamics generate varied outcomes in relation to the goals of sustainability, justice, and economic well-being. Students will examine the political and economic roots of the global sustainability crisis. Students will assess political and economic reforms, policy processes, and policy tools that might yield better outcomes. Students will also develop a greater understanding of possible action strategies from within civil society, the business sector, government, and/or international bodies for creating a transition toward a more sustainable society. Doctoral students will explore theories, evidence, and controversies associated with the political, social, cultural, and/or economic dimensions of a specific topic relevant to their doctoral interests. (Additional contact hours will be met by specific coursework designed to be completed on-line.)