ES 699A: Master's Project


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James Jordan






Spring 2008

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Competency areas: CB, RMC & IND – Required alternate for students who are not doing a Master’s Thesis; EAO, EE & Cert – Optional, Elective with written permission of academic advisor.

The Master’s Project represents the culmination of a student’s work at Antioch. It differs from the Master’s Thesis in that the Project will typically be more descriptive or applied in focus, and usually will not be defined by formal hypothesis-testing of theoretical concepts. The Master’s Project will often follow standardized approaches used in a student’s chosen field such as development of a regional landuse plan, preparation of a natural resource inventory, or authorship of a high school curriculum. Although not to the extent expected for a Thesis, students will be expected to research, develop and defend the methodological approach used in the project. Master’s Projects will be expected to be professional in their presentation, but need not adhere to Antioch’s formal Thesis Guidelines. The goals, content and format of the Master’s Project must be approved by the student’s program director and the ES Department faculty member who has agreed to evaluate the final document; supervision of the Project may involve a qualified person external to the department, or an ES Department faculty member. Note: CB, RMC and IND students are required to complete either a Masters Project or a Master’s Thesis.