ES 693: Practicum-General


71270 (for web registration)




Sarah Bockus






Fall 2010

Meeting Schedule:

Fri 9/17 (5:00PM-6:59PM)
Fridays 12/3 - 12/10 (5:00PM-6:59PM)


Competency Areas Spring 2010 and earlier: CB, Cert, EAO, EE, IND & RMC – Required
(Practicum Seminar credited as part of Practicum.)
Restricted to Spring 2010 and earlier.

A total of 8 General Practicum credits are required for Conservation Biology, Environmental Advocacy & Organizing, Environmental Education, Resource Management and Conservation and those pursuing Individualized studies. Students in these programs register for either a 4 or 2 credit practicum; at least one 4-credit practicum is required during a student’s course of study. A total of 2 General Practicum credits are required for certification majors in addition to 6 credits of Student Teaching. It is strongly recommended that students not register for Practicum until after completing their second semester in the program.

The Practicum provides students with an opportunity to apply, in an organizational setting, what they are learning and to develop professional contacts within their fields of interest. While students are responsible for locating practica, faculty is available to provide support and information as needed. All students are required to attend a scheduled Practicum Orientation during their first semester.

The Practicum Seminar provides a setting in which students can discuss specific issues and concerns, and a format for presenting their accomplished projects. Students will meet privately with the instructor one time during the semester. Please note: students must indicate # of credits at time of registration.