ES 692: Practicum, Middle Level Science Teachng

2011-01-05 -

Instructor Added. 12/10/2010 – Meeting days/dates/times posted.


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James Karlan
Sue Gentile






Spring 2011

Meeting Schedule:

Thu 1/27 - 4/28 (4:30PM-6:29PM)
Thu 2/10 (4:30PM-6:29PM)
Thu 3/3 (4:30PM-6:29PM)
Thu 3/31 (4:30PM-6:29PM)
Thu 4/28 (4:30PM-6:29PM)


Competency Areas: Cert – Required of and restricted to Middle Level Science certification students.
Six credits of Student Teaching Practicum are required for middle level science certification students. A total of 8 Practicum credits is required for the MS degree.

You are now on your final stretch of earning your certification to become a science teacher. In hindsight, student teaching will feel like it passed in the blink of an eye. While doing it, however, it may feel like a long, strange and exhausting trip. Student teaching is a rite of passage that may at times make you second-guess your career choice. It is a passage from theory to practice and from theorizing, idealizing, and romanticizing about teaching to being on the front lines. It should stir up all sorts of emotions. Alongside the challenge of student teaching is the excitement and joy of developing meaningful relationships with your students, and the delight that comes with inspiring others to learn.

The purpose of our seminar is to provide you with logistical, moral, and pedagogical support. During this time, we?ll trouble-shoot problems, explore discipline issues, share curriculum ideas, muse about the value of homework, consider record keeping strategies, support your job search, and play with other issues as they emerge. We will meet on most Thursday afternoons via Adobe Connect Pro, an online video-conferencing tool. You will be sent a link before the semester begins. You will need a high-speed connection, web-cam, and headset with microphone and headphones.