ES 570: Climate Change-Resil/Adap/Mit

2011-08-24 -

Change in restrictions – Section B.


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Michael Simpson






Fall 2011

Meeting Schedule:

Fri 9/9 (5:00PM-7:59PM)
Sat 9/10 (8:00AM-12:29PM)
Fri 9/30 (5:00PM-7:59PM)
Sat 10/1 (8:00AM-12:29PM)
Fri 10/14 (5:00PM-7:59PM)
Sat 10/15 (8:00AM-12:29PM)
Fri 11/4 (5:00PM-7:59PM)
Sat 11/5 (8:00AM-12:28PM)
Fri 12/2 (5:00PM-7:59PM)


Competency Area Fall 2010 and later: RMC & SDCC – Required; ASJS, CB, Cert, EE & SDS – Methods or elective
Section A: Restricted to Fall 2010 and Spring 2011 SDCC students July 12 – 19; open to all ES students on July 20.
Section B: Restricted to Fall 2010, Spring 2011 & Fall 2011 RMC students; others by written permission of instructor provided to the Registrar’s Office via Antioch email. Open to all students on August 24.

The goal of this course is to increase students? breadth and depth of understanding of, and discourse in, adaptation and mitigation strategies that span changes to technologies and management strategies to changes in social organization and related institutions. The course will address how to evaluate the robustness of social-ecological systems and the ramifications this has on the management of resources on the landscape into the future. Skill development in evaluating potential adaptation strategies, at different scales, will be introduced, and the concepts of uncertainty and vulnerability assessment, risk and decision analysis. Students are introduced to components of a risk communication and the psychological foundations of effectively communicating climate change to decision-makers.